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Not newcomers to the Baking Business, Hyman (Slim) Schwartzberg began in the early 1900’s when his family emigrated from Bialystok Poland/Russia to America for a better life. Bringing its namesake bread (the Bialy) and traditions with them thru the gates of Ellis Island near the steps of the Statue of Liberty. This is where our journey really begins.

Slim at age 11 began working in a basement bakery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Working hard stoking the coal ovens, and sleeping on flour sacks to keep warm on those cold winter nights. Along the way building his reputation as one of the best and hardest working bakers in the business.

After WW II, Slim a true entrepreneur, was among the first in The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York to take the oven and retail bakery street level to revolutionize the Bagel/Bialy industry. The word got around very quickly so now more people than ever were being introduced to the great tastes of his Kettled Boiled Bagels and great Bialys.

He baked and sold them to local Mom & Pop delicatessens, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. Everyone loved his quality and reliable service and business thrived. Slim worked very hard and many long hours, so if we wanted to see him, we would have to convince him (free labor not too difficult) to take us to the bakery with him on weekends and holidays. We were 3 young boys growing up in Brooklyn when we discovered our passion for mastering the art and tradition of baking. My Dad and Mom (Bosha) continued to live the American Dream, and moved to the suburbs of Long Island New York in the early 1960’s and opened one of the first Bagel/Bialy bakeries in Plainview/Hicksville area.

Gary moved south from New York to Coral Springs, Florida in the 1970’s and created Bagelmania years before the Bagel Boom hit the rest of the United States. The concept was a huge success by combining our traditions, knowledge of baking, family recipes and outstanding service. Gary tirelessly expanded his wholesale Bagel & Bialy bakery. Marty remained in Massapequa New York and later moved down to Florida. Jeffrey moved to New Mexico in the 1990’s and together with Gary opened a Bagelmania restaurant & New York Deli in Santa Fe.

We continue to pass family tradition to the next generation. Troy & Bryan continue on with the tradition, all taught by the generations before. Learning from the “ground up” mastering the art of great Bagels & Bialys, only this time in a bakery way bigger than Slim could have only dreamed of (he would be proud). Today Bagelmania’s core business is providing private label solutions for foodservice, distributors and customers who want to serve a Premium New York style Kettle Boiled Bagel. We help enlighten foodservice customers that if they use our quality baked goods from our family they can be assured of great Bagels for their customers. Available in our Bagelmania brand box or as a custom private label solution.

Our promise to you is that we will continue with our family recipe, using the best ingredients like premium flour, real malt, fresh yeast and triple filtered water mixed with our family traditions and know-how of quality and service. So remember we helped give NEW YORK BAGELS its reputation!

We appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read our history.

Troy Schwartzberg

“If a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?”®

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